Wow what a year! This was one of the strongest Raiders rugby years in the past decade. We have record numbers of registered players in the club and record numbers on sponsors supporting us

    In 2016, Raiders launched a JV with Seaforth Bowling Club which gives all families linked to the club a spiritual home and how amazing it is to see 100 odd people at the club most Fridays

    Our results on the paddock were also brilliant. Minis were highly competitive, we took out the Hills tournaments and had several finalists in the juniors with our mighty U10's taking out various Grand Finals

    A huge thanks to our amazing sponsors who front up each season. The recent success of our club is greatly due to your great generosity. Finally thanks to all those parents who get up early each weekend, coach, manage, man the BBQ, set up the ground and shout constructively from the sideline. This club has an incredible spirit and you are at the heart of it

    Stay tuned to website and facebook for updates on Raiders summer activities. Until then..Thats a wrap!!

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