Injury Protocol

Concussion Referral & Return Form

Players, parents, team officials and match officials need to act in the best interest of player safety and welfare at all times. Taking responsibility for the recognition, removal, recording and referral of players to a medical doctor and then ensuring concussion is appropriately managed is fundamental to Rugby Australia Concussion Guidance. It is recommended that all players who suffer a concussion seek the highest level of medical care reasonably available to ensure concussion is managed appropriately.

The form below has the Step by step procedure summary, Head Injury Fact Sheet, What to do, and Forms to be filled out.


Having been recognised as having a potential concussion injury, you should next make an appointment to see a medical doctor in the next 1-2 days.

You must now follow Rugby Australia Standard Care Pathway of concussion management.

Rugby Australia Concussion Procedure

3.Record – by team manager on match scorecard & in Rugby Link
4.Refer – to a medical doctor for assessment and guidance on process
5.Rest – mandatory rest periods
6.Recover – return to school, study or work before returning to exercise including rugby
7.Record – by competition manager after receiving clearance from doctor
8.Return – return to play following successful graduated return to play (GRTP) programme

A serious injury is defined as:

– Any head or neck injury that results in a player beign treated at an emergency departement, hostpital or after home medical centre, or

– Any injury that results in the admission of a player into hospital. Note: admission refers to player being admitted to hospital by the hospital registrar for ongoing treatment and/or follow-up, this does not include players taken to an Emergency Department and allowed home from there.

You can report an injury here.

A non- serious injury is defined as:

– Any other injury that prevents a player from participating in a match or training.

You can lodge a non-serious injury report here.

“Rugby Australia Concussion Guidance” provides information on the process and the obligations on all participants (including you). It is important that you read this document and understand your obligations. For further information please refer to Rugby Australia Concussion Guidance – Rugby Public Standard Care Pathway and the Rugby AU website.