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Seaforth Raiders Club Awards

Player of the year


Dan Shannon was a Raiders player with a distinguished rugby career.

He played over 100 games for Raiders in his favoured position, fullback.

His list of outstanding achievements are: 1995 Sydney U19 Representative, Manly Colts 1st Grade Representative; 1994 Manly Colts 1st Grade Representative; 1993 Raiders U17 Premiers, Sydney U17 Representative, NSW U17 Representative; 1992 Raiders U16 Premiers, Sydney U16 Representative, Australian U16 stand-by; 1991 Raiders U15; 1990 Raiders U14 Premiers;

1989 Raiders U13 Finalists; 1988 Raiders U12 Premiers; 1987 Raiders U11 Finalists; 1986 Raiders U10

In addition, Dan represented Manly in every age group from 1986 to 1993. In 1995 Dan was tragically killed in a car accident and this trophy is named in his honour for players who have reached a high level of achievement while playing rugby for the Raiders

Dan shannon - Player of the year


2021  Harry Forsyth
2018-2020  Not awarded
2017 Hanz Sales
2016  Callum Sparkes
2011-2015  Not awarded
2010  Michael Nicholson
2009  Cameron Mason
2008  Billy Kennedy
2007  Everett O’Donnell and Max Beer
2006  Mitch Fletcher

2005  Murray Cox
2004  John and Maurice Kennedy
2003  Daniel Alley
2002  Mark Malony
2001  Not awarded
2000  Daivd Riddington
1999  Mark Riddington
1998  James Oakes and Alex Welsh
1997  Sean Maloney
1996   Sean Maloney 

Bob Oakes Trophy - Club Person of the Year

2023                 Rod Anderson
2022                 Gareth Inches
2021                 Not Awarded (Covid)
2020                 Not Awarded (Covid)

2019                 Gareth Yates
2018                 Luke Hannan & Gemma van Hamburg

2017                 Matt Rigney
2016                 Greg Riches
2015                 James Forsyth
2014                 Andrew Lutze
2013                 Ian Bollen
2012                 Mania Masters
2011                 Mike and Louisa Christie
2010                 Michelle Moore

2009                 Tim Mazraki
2008                 Troy Andrews
2007                 Michael Clark
2006                 Maurice Broderick
2005                 Gary Paton
2004                 Marilou Kay
2003                 Rebecca Higgins
2002                 Tina and Ian Martin
2001                 Richard Maude
2000                 Jenny Pickering
1999                 Mike Armstrong
1998                 James Oakes

Gary Paton Trophy - Coach of the Year

It was decided that the Coaches & Managers award, previously known as the Michael Meagher Trophy, should be split and that the coaches trophy be named after the previous president and life member, Gary Paton.

2023                 Keith Coassin & Brad McDonald
2022                 Andrew Hickey & Alexander Gillett
2021                 Not Awarded (Covid)
2020                 Not Awarded (Covid)

2019                 Reuben Bijl
2012                 Ant Singleton
2011                 Mark Stewart
2010                 Not awarded
2009                 John Clarke & Gabe O’Shea
2008                 Not awarded
2007                 Stephen Fletcher
2006                 Ian Martin
2005                 Peter Alley

Michael Meagher Trophy - Manager of the Year

2023                 Hannah Crealman
2022                 Tim Leibbrandt
2021                 Not Awarded (Covid)
2020                 Not Awarded (Covid)

2019                 Mark Sargent
2012                 Kim Swain
2011                 Not awarded
2010                 Steven Painter
2009                 Not awarded
2008                 Ellen Bakker
2005-2007       Not awarded

Michael Clark Trophy for Club Player of the Year:

2023                 Max Hickey

Tuckfield/ Marsters Trophy for contribution to the Raiders Girls program:

2023                 Rueben Bijl and John Bennett.

Raiders Life Members

Terry Gaffney*
Bob Oakes*
Richard Maude
Blair Leslie
Ian Martin
Tina Martin
Gary Paton 
Micheal Clark

* Deceased